Composing - Performing – Listening

On March 16, 17, and 18, 2018 the venue "Akoesticum" (Ede, the Netherlands) is hosting an international symposium on "Composing, Performing and Listening". The purpose of the symposium can be summarised as follows:

Connecting composers, performers and the listening audience, so that they can learn from each other and investigate mutual understanding.

This symposium focuses on the relationships between composing, performing and listening to new music, particularly choral music.

It seems an obvious conclusion to reach that a gulf has arisen between composers of contemporary music on the one hand and a great majority of listeners and performers, particularly amateurs, on the other.

MUSIXPERIENCE wants to be a stepping stone for bridging this gulf.

The focus of this symposium will be on recognising and developing competences that influence the creation, performance and act of listening to contemporary music. For instance, a composer might develop a deeper understanding of the characteristics and technical and artistic possibilities of the performer and the listener; a performer might develop a more profound insight into the structure and theoretical aspects of a composition and the personality of the composer; the listener might develop a greater understanding of what the composer had in mind and the means used to achieve his or her ideas.

In this respect we have recognised significant possibilities for personal development both on an individual basis and in our relationship with others. Over the course of the symposium participants - composers, performers and listeners - will be confronted with many stepping stones aimed at recognising their individual areas for development and building bridges to one other. The tools required to conduct this process include (i) lectures, (ii) workshops and (iii) practical application in carefully selected choral pieces.

In MUSIXPERIENCE the workshops and choral studies will be led by conductors and teachers with great experience in contemporary choral music. The lectures will be given by composers and musicologists.

We would especially like to invite the following target groups:

  1. (Young) composers
  2. Choral conductors
  3. Choral singers and individual singers who wish to widen their horizons and gain experience of contemporary choral music
  4. Concert goers and other music lovers who wish to increase their knowledge and experience of contemporary choral music

The provisional morning and afternoon program is as follows:

  1. Singing exercises
  2. Lecture
  3. Workshop that supports and deepens the lecture
  4. Work on contemporary choral compositions under the guidance of both conductor and composer
  5. Small concert

During the symposium there will be several small concerts. There will be many opportunities to meet composers, experience their compositions and exchange ideas.

We hope and expect this three-day symposium (i) to contribute to a better understanding both of one another and of contemporary music in general and (ii) to form the basis of new cooperation and exchange between composers, ensembles and listeners.